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The Diocese of Baker and My Catholic Faith Delivered have partnered to provide online training and Catechetical Certification.

To participate and take advantage of special discounted rates please register and purchase programs through our Diocese of Baker Web Portal.

The preparation of children for reception of the sacraments presents a great catechetical moment to engage parents, godparents, and sponsors in the context of the new evangelization.  

The new evangelization is aimed at:
   •  A transformative relationship with God,

     meaningful participation in sacramental worship,

development of a mature and informed conscience,

a deepening integration of faith into all areas of life.

Sacramental Preparation Catechetical Resources

 New Resources
As you are able please incorporate these new catechetical resources into your existing sacramental preparation programs for the 2015-16 ministry year.

These new sacramental workshops (First Confession-Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation) can be adapted to meet your local needs or implemented as they are. 

Note:   It is essential that the parish pastor is involved with the implementation of these workshops throughout.

First Confession-Reconciliation Workshop I Confirmation Workshop I
First Confession-Reconciliation WS I SPA Confirmation WS I SPA
First Confession-Reconciliation Workshop II Confirmation Workshop II
First Confession-Reconciliation WS II SPA Confirmation WS II SPA
First Holy Communion Workshop I Confirmation Workshop III
First Holy Communion WS I SPA Confirmación WS III SPA
First Holy Communion Workshop II Confirmation Workshop IV
First Holy Communion WS II SPA Confirmatción WS IV SPA


Baptism Confession & Reconciliation First Holy Communion Confirmation
Baptism Intake Form Candidate Commitment  First Holy Communion Intake Form Confirmation Intake Form

Baptism Class Catechetical Guidelines 

Candidate Commitment 

Candidate Commitment 

Gospel Story
for Adults
Candidate Assessment Child-Parent
Baptism Class Example

Reconciliation Questions

Holy Mass
for Adults
  Confession and Reconciliation Teaching for Adults 

Candidate Assessment 

Candidate Assessment 
  Adult Examination of Conscience First Eucharist Questions Confirmation Questions


Bautismo Confesión y Reconciliación Primera
Sagrada Comunión
Formulario de admisión para
el Bautismo
del Candidato
Formulario de
admisión para

el 1ra Comunión
Formulario de admisión para
el Confirmación

Directrices catequéticas para Bautismo

Guía de preparación de padre-hijo  Compromiso
del Candidato
del Candidato
Historia del Evangelio para adultos 

del candidato

Guía de preparación padre-hijo

Ejemplo de la clase de Bautismo

Preguntas para reconciliación

Educación de adultos para la celebración de la Santa Misa  
  Educación de adultos para el Sacramento de la confesión y reconciliación  Evaluación
del candidato
 del candidato


Guía de Exámen de Consciencia para Adultos Preguntas para Eucaristía  

Children's Prayers in English                   Children's Prayers in Spanish
Prayer Posters in English                          Prayer Posters in Spanish

Catechetical Guidelines and Norms
Sacramental Preparation


2015-16 is the year of implementation of the new catechetical guidelines and norms!
"All these recommendations and norms aim at achieving that turning point of salvation. May we implement them as the Lord shows us how, to the praise of his glory." 
(read full letter)
Grace and peace in Christ Jesus,

Most Reverend Liam Cary
Bishop of Baker


Catechetical Guidelines and Norms - Sacramental Preparation

Directrices y Normas Catequéticas – Preparación Sacramental


 Goals and Norms

The new sacramental guidelines are aimed at helping pastors, and catechetical leaders who assist them, in the development of catechetical and sacramental preparation programs that are integral and doctrinally sound. The new guidelines have in mind several goals and key principles:

·      Promoting family-centered catechesis aimed at life in Christ

·      Integrating religious education and sacramental catechesis

·      Enhancing the celebration of the liturgy and sacramental life

·      Incorporating the New Evangelization for our time and culture

·      Emphasizing our Catholic faith as a Continuum of Faith

The new sacramental guidelines serve to establish diocesan norms to ensure that the faithful are well prepared to participate in a fully active sacramental life. The norms promulgated by these guidelines include: 

1.     Faith and Life, by Ignatius Press, is the standard religious education curriculum for all parishes and schools (grades 1–8)

2.     Baptism is received primarily as an infant, or prior to age 7.

3.     1st Confession and 1st Communion received by the end of 2nd grade.

4.     Confirmation received by the end of 6th grade.

5.     A child's religious education and sacramental preparation is the primary responsibility of the parents with the support and cooperation of the pastor, parish catechetical staff, and school personnel (where applicable).

The sacramental guidelines and norms operate congruently with the newly promulgated Diocese of Baker Pastoral Guidelines, Chapter Five, Office of Sanctification.

For exceptions to these norms refer to Pastoral Implementation of Sacraments of Initiation.

 Protecting God's Children


The Diocese of Baker is committed to promoting a safe environment for the children and young people in our care. All employees and volunteers who work with children or youth must be in full compliance with the diocesan Protecting God’s Children policies and requirements.


Protecting God’s Children Requirements and Forms