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The Diocese of Baker and My Catholic Faith Delivered have partnered to provide online training and Catechetical Certification. To participate and take advantage of special discounted rates please register and purchase programs through our Diocese of Baker Web Portal.

Let the children come to me,

and do not hinder them;

 for to such belongs
the kingdom of heaven

(Mt 19:14)


The goal of all catechesis is to lead people to an intimate relationship
– an encounter – with Jesus Christ.

Only he can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit
and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity
. (Catechesi Tradendae)


 DRE and Catechist Resources


ALL NEW Ignatius Press Resources

A new Parish Catechist Manual has been developed to assist parish catechists who use the Faith and Life Series in a one class a week format to be able to teach a one hour to one and a half hour class session and cover the entire Student Text over the course of one year (22-25 lessons).

New:  Family Guide A: Parent Manual for Grades 1-4

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Customized Resources in Support of Faith and Life

Lesson Plans

Flash Cards (6 - page)

Flash Cards (4 - page)


Level K



Level 1

Level 1

Level 2 Lesson Plans

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3 Lesson Plans

Level 3

Level 3


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Level 4


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Level 5

Level 6 Lesson Plans

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Level 6

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Level 7

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Children's Prayers in English                  Children's Prayers in Spanish


Prayer Posters in English                          Prayer Posters in Spanish

Children's Stations of the Cross            Stations of the Cross Candle Project



Guidelines, Norms, and
Catechetical Requirements


Faith and Life, by Ignatius Press, is the standard religious education curriculum for all parishes and schools (grades 1 – 8) in the Diocese of Baker.


Catechetical Guidelines and Norms - Sacramental Preparation

Directrices y Normas Catequéticas – Preparación Sacramental



Additional Resources


Vacation Bible School (VBS) Programs
Growing with the Saints
God is Good

Protecting God's Children


The Diocese of Baker is committed to promoting a safe environment for the children and young people in our care. All employees and volunteers who work with children or youth must be in full compliance with the diocesan Protecting God’s Children policies and requirements.


Protecting God’s Children Requirements and Forms