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The Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Baker promotes and offers resources on all life issues from conception to
natural death, according to the clear and concise teachings of the Roman Catholic Church."

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The Respect Life Program begins anew each year on Respect Life Sunday, the first Sunday in October. The program is highlighted in liturgies and marked by special events. The USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities publishes a program packet each year to call attention to numerous human life issues. These materials are especially helpful for priests, parish groups and other organizations.

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Respect Life Program 2015-2016 Pamphlets

     The 2015-2016 Respect Life Program features 7 pamphlets in a series called EVERY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. Each presents convincing support for the teachings of the Catholic Church on major pro-life issues, with facts and reasoning drawn from science, history, law, psychology, sociology, and other secular sources.



(C-FAM.ORG) is the primary Catholic-based organization inside the United Nations that fights against religious discrimination, the U.N.'s abortion rights, and the U.N.'s radical agenda to remove all parental rights and promote the social definition of gender and explicit sexual education and sexual freedom to the youth of the world.  "Pleasure" has become the standard for sexual freedom.


Rep. Greg Walden (R)

1051 NW Bond St., Suite 400

Bend, OR 97701

Bend: 541-389-4408

La Grande: 541-624-2400

Medford: 541-776-4646

DC: 202-225-6730


Senator R. Wyden (D)

Bend Office

The Jamison Building

131 NW Hawthorne Ave Suite 07

Bend, OR 97701

Bend: 541-330-9142

Eugene: 541-431-0229

La Grande: 541-962-7691

Medford: 541-858-5122

Portland: 503-346-7526

Salem: 503-589-4555

DC: 202-224-5244


Senator Jeff Merkley (D)

Bend Office

131 Hawthorne Ave. Suite 208

Bend, OR 97701

Bend: 541-318-1298

Eugene: 541-465-6750

Medford: 541-608-9102

Pendleton: 541-278-1129

Portland: 503-326-3386

Salem: 503-362-8102

DC: 202-224-3753






September 10, 2016

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Two Outstanding Examples on the
43rd Anniversary of ROE V. WADE


CMP has released the third re-cap video in a trilogy of short highlight reels today, about the cover-up at Planned Parenthood attempting to hide their participation in illegal baby body parts sales. Please watch and share the short, 3-minute, social media-friendly summary:

COVER-UP:  3rd video published January 19, 2016


HARVEST:  2nd video published January 12, 2016  

PROFIT:  1st video published January 5, 2016


Planned Parenthood cannot deny that its own senior leadership is caught on camera participating in a widespread and organized violation of state and federal laws against fetal body parts trafficking. Instead, Planned Parenthood can only attempt to distract the public and cover up the evidence of its lawlessness.

Planned Parenthood’s alleged new “policy” not to take any money for supplying fetal parts is exactly the sort of policy that top-level Planned Parenthood executives told CMP investigators could never be implemented. Planned Parenthood’s feigned innocence about its affiliates’ baby parts sales is in reality nothing more than a coordinated cover-up to avoid prosecution. This should be a red flag for law enforcement and public officials, and they must listen to the broad public mandate for Planned Parenthood to be held accountable under the law and intensify their scrutiny of this lawless and unaccountable abortion business.

For more information go to:



Rachel's Vineyard - Contact Us

Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place
o renew, rebuild and redeem
hearts broken by abortion.

Rachel's Vineyard can help you
find your inner voice.
Rachel's Vineyard is therapy

for the soul.

Rachel's Vineyard now has a
monthly newsletter.
To subscribe, click here



Rev. Robert Greiner
 Priest Moderator of the
Office of Pro-Life Activities

To contact Fr. Greiner, please call
St. Francis de Sales Cathedral
Baker City, OR
(541) 523-4521 or email


OCTOBER 15, 2016
Powell Butte Retreat Center
More information soon!

Creighton Model System
for Natural Family Planning
Tri-Cities team    www.trfcinc.org
Will teach long distance using video conferencing
to make it as personal as possible.

Now offering a pregnancy resource clinic
in Kennewick, WA

Grandma's House
...where every life is a
special life
in Bend

Grandma's AngelsOffering hope to
pregnant adopting
and parenting teens in need of a safe nurturing environment.


It takes just one word
to change everything.


This website consistently appears in the top 5 'abortion-related' websites every year.  Over 18 million hits since it started in the year 2000.  It has had over 2 million hits worldwide in 2010.  It reaches out primarily to the 12 year old to 24 year old female age groups.

Offering Hope To Anyone
Who May Be Pregnant

Free Pregnancy and Ultrasound Tests

Please call the Center to find out about other resources to benefit you and your baby.   541-385-5334

The only crisis pregnancy center doing OB ultrasounds to help young women with their pregnancies.



We encourage you to check out Hearts for Life and consider spiritually adopting an unborn baby in danger of abortion.  It is something everyone can do and it is a great ministry for the sick and homebound, too. 

Please take a moment to visit this website, then order brochures, and spread the word.




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