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Dear Friends in Christ,

A lot of walking goes on in the Gospels.  Andrew walks behind Jesus to see where He stays. The man born blind walks to the pool of Siloam to wash away his blindness. The Samaritan woman walks into town to make known the man she met at the well who told her everything she’d ever done.

After their life-changing encounter with Jesus of Nazareth these Gospel figures walked with ever-deepening faith in His life-giving power. And they did not walk alone. As the image on the poster for the 2017 Bishop’s Annual Appeal reminds us, Walking in Faith is walking with Jesus in the company of all the disciples who follow Him.

To walk forward faithfully we must look backwards gratefully. Those who walked in faith before us came a long way on a hard road to sow the seeds of the Gospel and plant the Church in Eastern Oregon. Their sacrifices made it possible for you and me to follow in Jesus’ footsteps too. Will we do the same for those who come after us? Will we keep the road open for them to walk in faith too?

That’s what the Bishop’s Annual Appeal attempts to do. Please take a moment to read the information provided here and learn how the Appeal helps make faith grow in the Diocese of Baker. Then consider making a gift so that others may discover the joy of walking in faith with you.

We are told that our good God loves a generous giver. May He bless you for giving whatever your means allow you to contribute.


                                                           In Christ our Lord, 

                                                    Most Reverend Liam Cary
                                                            Bishop of Baker